Coming Soon:  The Third Annual

A Cappella City, USA Festival -- March 30, 2019

7:30 p.m. Genesis of Ann Arbor, 2309 Packard St., Ann Arbor, MI  48104

No charge for admission.  (Donations accepted).


The A Cappella City, USA Festival -- February 24, 2018

Evergreen (Eastern Michigan University).

Full Value

Huron Valley Harmonizers

Stark Raving MADrigal Singers

Voices in Pop

Women's Chamber Chorus

The A Cappella City, USA Festival -- March 18, 2017

The Green and Gold Singers (Washtenaw Community College).  Click here for video.

Evergreen (Eastern Michigan University).  Click here for video.

Amazin' Blue (University of Michigan).  Click here for video.

Chordiology  Click here for video.

The Arbor Consort  Click here for video.

Frontier Quartet Click here for video.


The A Cappella City, USA  Festival is a one-evening a cappella singing festival where local high and college a cappella groups plus community a cappella groups will perform on-stage in front of others who love a cappella singing! 

No judges.  No panels.  Just singing for fun and for each other.  

Oh, and another good thing -- this event is completely FREE!